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Hexagonal Architecture Design

The hexagonal architecture helps to build robust and change friendly code. I have used multiple different architecture paradigms over the last 20+ years of writing software. For me the hexagonal approach is the best when it comes to modern software engineering. It can be used in all programming languages and helps to have a sustainable software development effort over a long time. Summary The hexagonal architecture has many representations. It is usually displayed as a hexagon that has three layers.


OpenBSD Router on sg105w

This post details my experience with OpenBSD 7.3 on a SOPHOS sg105w Rev.1 from November 2014 as a router and firewall. Preparation The default BIOS settings didn’t let me install OpenBSD without issues. I got spammed with NMI Port messages. The culprit it the BIOS CSM (compatibility support module) which I completely disabled. I configured the whole system to use UEFI. I also enabled the speed stepping and enabled VMX/EPT.